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Each of TechniMed’s services is perfectly complimented by the next; our expert IT team maintains your technologies that manage our profit-increasing medical billing services, both of which are on the forefront of industry regulation thanks to our continuing education division.

TechniMed has always been built as a medical billing focused company with each additional division spawned from a recognized need for service to our clients. While some services such as on-going physician credentialing and access to client-only educational courses come at no additional cost; others such as IT management and on-going practice consultations come at a reduced rate to our billing clients.

While some doctors come to us for billing, and some come to us for practice consultations – our goal has always been to create a centralized source for all of your healthcare management needs, for today and for the future.


Medical Billing

The medical billing process has become a complex system of insurance carrier regulations and requirements, complicated by government oversight. TechniMed’s highly educated and experienced billing team combined with our standard setting workflow structure is guaranteed to bring your practice financial success.

Client Management

Each client is assigned a billing specialist to manage all aspects of your account, an easy point of contact for you and your staff to inquire about any and all aspects of your billing needs.

Our innovative workflow structure includes checks and balances to provide the best and most accurate service. Billing team leaders review your account financials on a weekly basis to ensure that your AR is consistently managed while all claims are paid the maximum return on a timely basis.

Our administrative support staff ensures our biller’s hands are free to dedicate all of their skills and talents to only billing functions.

Claim Management

We provide your office with a scanner at no cost to transmit secure encrypted files. Through this, necessary billing information is collected daily in real-time via secure transmission. Files containing your charge-entry information and insurance carrier payments are downloaded daily ensuring the fastest coding, data entry and transmission, therefore ensuring a faster payment process for you.

Internally, TechniMed uses Office Medicine Networks to process claims. However, we are able to operate on any current billing program you may be using.

Clients who choose to use TechniMed's operating system (OMN) have access to OMN's state-of-the-art electronic health records program.

Patient Accounts Management

When payment is the responsibility of the patient, we have a dedicated and caring team whose sole responsibility is managing patient accounts. Our team works with you and your patients to set up payment due dates, payment plans when necessary and to post patient payments.

We hold our team members to the highest standards of professionalism, valuing the fact that you have entrusted us to serve your patients as an extension of your practice. Our team is available daily, Monday through Friday via phone and e-mail to provide knowledgeable support to your patients.

IT Operations

TechniMed is dedicated to the constant research and development of IT needs for healthcare providers; let our experienced staff execute your IT needs with ease.

From on-call general IT services to advising and installing new software, TechniMed provides the layers of service you need to keep your computer systems operating at peak levels.

Our IT services include:

  • Creation and maintenance of IT networks, including wireless implementation
  • Multiple location networking
  • Server construction and maintenance
  • Consulting on hardware purchases, with installation and configuration for scanners, printers, routers, tablets and smartphones
  • General IT services including troubleshooting and software installation

Practice Consultations

Driven by Pamela Laity's career of turning healthcare practices into efficient, profitable businesses, TechniMed’s practice consultation division serves a multitude of needs. From launching a new practice or breathing new life into a struggling practice, TechniMed provides incomparable industry knowledge and experience, able to streamline the financial and administrative functions of your practice.

Practice Consultation and Management services include:

  • One time, or periodic chart reviews and audits of physician coding
  • Human resource management: interviewing and hiring processes, creating staff schedules, job descriptions management structure
  • Practice policies and procedures manuals
  • Practice profitability diagnosis and solution recommendations and implementation
  • Healthcare IT purchasing, implementation, maintenance and integration
  • Advising on continuing education for physicians
  • Complete practice management

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I have been with TechniMed for 8 years. I am very pleased with staff efficiency, responsibility, and personality. It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend TechniMed.

Dr. Neil Gilbert

We are a growing psychology, social work, and nurse practitioner practice. We love TechniMed from start to end. They are excellent aand look after our new business needs.

Harold B. Smith
Life Coach Psychology, PLC

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